Using Additional Accessories to Groom Your Dog

Besides the usual tools and accessories used for grooming dogs, it is also necessary to collect additional tools that can assist you with proper grooming.

Additional tools that are very important to have are:

  • Thin leather gloves that will protect your hand from being injured or from getting corn.
  • Rubber gloves that will make your hands feel comfortable while working. The rubber gloves help you to hold an instrument much better.
  • A good pair of forceps that is necessary to hold tangled hair or curls of hairs between the toes.
  • Nail files to sharpen the tools used to clip nails.
  • An Eye glasses, masks and any other items that you may find useful when grooming your dog.

A Grooming Table:  This table is used by professional groomers to put the dogs that will be groomed. The height of the table can be adjusted and it brings several devices such as a sack to collect trimmed hair, stands, and shelves.  The table also has tool boxes that are conveniently placed and fixtures that allow you to strap the dog firmly to the table.

You may not need a professional grooming table. An ordinary table with a surface that is not slippery will do. When you groom your dog, use a cloth over the table to avoid it from getting dirty and unhygienic. Put a rubber mat on the top of the table to prevent the dog from slipping.

Cosmetics:  You may be surprised to know the different brand of shampoos that are specially made for dogs and how many of these brands you can use on your dog. In addition to shampoos, conditioners and soaps that are available commercially, there are also some cosmetics that can be used such as:

  • Shampoos to remove dandruff
  • A formula for hair growth
  • Preparations to control fleas and insects with added fragrances
  • Conditioners, gels and rinses
  • Deodorants and sprays
  • Cologne and lotions that can be used on the skin

Caution:  Do not use too much of these cosmetics on your dog. They can damage your dog’s coat terribly and burn their skin badly. Furthermore, these cosmetics may contain chemicals that may be poisonous to your dog.

Photo courtesy of akaporn.

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