10 Rules for Becoming an Expert at Brushing Your Dog

It is now time for you to start learning the rules of brushing your dog.

These rules may not apply to your dog because of the type of coat it has. If you are uncertain about these rules, you may ask an experienced breeder or a dog groomer.

As a general rule, brush your dog at least one time for the week. Some dogs, though, may require grooming three times a week.

Before you bathe your dog make sure that you brush his hair properly to loosen knots and tangled hair. Once his hair gets wet it becomes more difficult to take out the knots and to untangle his hair. Also, you may not be able to wash out all the shampoo when you rinse him.

10 rules that you should keep in mind when you brush your dog

1. When you brush your dog begin from the back going towards the front. It will help your dog from getting impatient.

2. Set up a system to ensure that you brush your dog thoroughly.

3. Hold your dog’s limbs at a natural angle when you are brushing him.

4. Remember that loose hair on your dog is not only on the surface. Your dog also has loose hair under its coat that you need to brush off.

5. When you are brushing your dog, be firm with him but don’t ever hit him.

6. Praise your dog when he obeys you.

If your dog has long, dense or curly hair, start brushing him from close to the skin outwards to get out knots and tangled hair. Learn how to do this from some of the advanced techniques provided below.

7. Start brushing your dog from the bottom of the back leg going up to lift the hair. Make sure you brush the entire leg working your way up to his belly and his body. As you brush your dog, make sure that you take out any knots or tangled hair.

8. When you are brushing your dog around the eyes, be very careful not to hurt his eyes. Be very careful also when you are brushing the areas around the hock or stomach as these are sensitive areas.

9. Certain tools are necessary for you to do a good job of brushing your dog. Use a rubber brush to loosen hair on your dog if he has smooth hair. Use a bristle brush on him to get rid of dead skin and to help with his circulation. To add some shine to his hair, you can use a chamois cloth.

d. You need a slick brush and a bristle brush to brush dogs that have shorter hair. For dogs that have longer hair, you will need a comb to take out stubborn knots. You will need a pin brush and a comb to use on dogs that have curly hair.

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