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Is There An Average Life Expectancy Of A Dog?

LifeExpectancyMost dog owners are concerned about how long their dog is going to live. It is important to understand that the average life expectancy of a dog is based on several factors that you may not be aware of.

Factors Affecting the Average Life Expectancy of a Dog

Some of these factors include:

  • the dog’s breed
  • size
  • the environment
  • their diet
  • any health problems

There may be other factors that can affect how long your dog will live as well.

Some dog breeds, like the Chihuahua, can live about fifteen years.  Other larger breeds, like the Border Collie, are only expected to live about ten to thirteen years. Some of the giant breeds, like the Great Dane, are expected to live even shorter – about seven or eight years.

Calculating the Average Life Expectancy of a Dog

Some people believe that you can calculate your dog’s age by using a calculation of one human year to seven dog years. However, this is not accurate. As you can probably tell, dogs age at different rates.

If you want a quick idea of how long your dog is expected to live, then you may want to check out a dog age calculator.

Actual Life Expectancy of a Dog

The fact is, only 8% of dogs live longer than fifteen years. About 16% of dogs die because of health problems such as heart disease or cancer.

As long as your dog doesn’t suffer from any major diseases or health problems, you may not even see the signs of aging in your dog for quite a long time. Once your dog starts showing signs of aging, you’ll probably notice a decrease in her energy levels. She will likely begin to sleep more than before.

Some dogs also experience the following:

  • decrease in their skin condition
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of teeth
  • hearing loss
  • poor vision

Of course there are some medications available to help your dog age more gracefully and without some of the discomfort.

In Conclusion

Although dogs age  quite differently than humans, they do share some things in common as they age. And although there is no specific formula to calculate the average life expectancy of a dog, it is possible to have a pretty good idea of how long your dog can live based on the information that is available.