Dog Care

Comb For Dogs To Get The Job Done

combfordogsA comb for dogs is an essential part of your dog grooming toolbox. They can used to control shedding and to finish grooming your dog. They are also a great tool to remove fleas.

To get the job done properly, you may need to buy different types of combs, each designed for a special purpose. They can be purchased in various styles and sizes, with different tooth lengths and spacing.

Here are a few of the products used regularly:

Metal Comb For Dogs

A regular metal comb should have widely spaced teeth on one end and more finely spaced teeth at the other end. These are great because they can work on most types of dog coats.

Start with small sections of the coat by using the widely spaced end first. Comb in the direction the hair grows. Repeat the process with the narrower end.

Dematting Comb For Dogs

These are used to remove tangles and matted fur from the coat. They have sharp, wide spaced teeth designed to untangle the hair. Be careful when using this particular type because you can easily hurt your dog’s skin with the sharp teeth.

Try to hold the hair from the roots when you are detangling the matted fur, if not it hurts your dog when you are combing through the mats.

There are some models with replaceable blades that are recommended if you plan on using your dematting comb on a regular basis.

Rubber Curry Comb For Dogs

These are great for massaging the skin, removing debris and loose, dead hair from the coats of short-haired breeds.

Flea Comb For Dogs

A flea comb has very finely spaced teeth that can remove fleas and their eggs from the dog’s coat. Be sure to clean the comb in a bowl of soap water after each pass through your dog’s coat. This will remove any fleas from the comb and dispose of them in the soapy water.

Choosing the best comb for dogs

Some combs come with handles, while many others do not have them. For the best dog combs, you may prefer to buy one that has stainless steel or a brass coated handle.  Try to get one with spring tempered teeth and rounded tips to prevent damage to the skin.

Fine toothed varieties usually work great on the surface of the skin to remove parasites.  However, going too deep may damage the surface skin of the dog.  This makes it easier for germs and fungus to start an infection.

After combing your dog’s coat, you may need to make sure that there are no scratches or wounds on the skin. If you see any wounds or scratches, be certain to apply a good antiseptic solution.

Before buying a comb for your dog, consider these things…

  • The edge of the teeth is not very sharp
  • The comb has different spaced teeth on both sides
  • The teeth are firm and well laid
  • The comb is sturdy with a steel or brass handle
  • Buy and extra set of combs