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Which Dog Grooming Brush Should You Use

bristlebrushDog grooming brushes are sold in an amazing variety of sizes and styles. Each type has its own purpose. However, there are three types of brushes that are commonly used and recommended…

Dog Grooming Bristle Brush

The bristle brush is an excellent all around brush that can be used on dogs with almost any type of coat. However, they are best used for regular grooming of short-haired dogs to remove debris from the coat.

On breeds with long coats, a bristle brush can be used to finish the coat, creating a natural shine.

Some of the features of bristle brushes are:

  • Bristle brushes for dogs are usually made from nylon or natural materials.
  • More expensive products are designed by combining nylon and natural materials.
  • This is the most popular brush because of it is flexible and easy to use.
  • This brush is fairly inexpensive and can work on almost all types of dog coats and fur
  • Nylon bristles are very tough, and can last a long time
  • Brushes made from only natural materials are usually the most expensive, as it is safe for use on any type of coat
  • Nylon brushes are not so gentle on the skin and may cause injuries to many dog breeds
  • It may also create static electricity due to the continuous friction created when the dog is brushed
  • Avoid continuous brushing with this brush and limit a brushing session to about 15 minutes.
  • As usual, clean the brush with a good antiseptic solution on a regular basis.

Dog Grooming Pin Brush

pinbrush2Pin brushes are special types of dog brushes that are used quite extensively on high maintenance breeds.They are great if you have a dog with the following coat types:

  • curly
  • wavy
  • wiry
  • long

Some of the characteristics of these brushes are:

  • These brushes work wonderfully well on double-coated dog breeds like English Sheepdogs
  • A special kind of brush called the Pin Palm Brush is often used to groom the face and legs of some terriers. These brushes have oval rubber pads embedded in them to prevent damage to the coat or hair

Dog Grooming Slicker Brush

slickerbrush2A slicker brush is usually used on long-coated dogs.

They are great for removing matted, tangled or dead strands of hair. To make it a little easier, you can use a slicker brush that has specially created bent-wire teeth.

These brushes can remove a large amount of mats and can help to reduce the shedding.

Most slicker brushes have very flexible, short and smooth bristles with oval or rounded ends. These can be used for finishing the coat or for removing loose and dead mats of hair with least amount of damage to the dog’s skin.

Remember, using the proper dog grooming tools will allow your dog to maintain a healthy and well conditioned coat.