Dog Care

Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

keepingdogscoolYour dog is an important part of your family. She might be your best friend who is always there for you no matter what. If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy you need to pay attention to the summer heat and other conditions. This is very important for your dog’s health.

Tips For Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Always keep your dog well hydrated. If it is very warm it won’t take much to make them dehydrated. This problem is even worse for dogs that have thick fur. The best thing for you to do is to keep the water bowl very visible. Every time you or a family member walks by you need to remember to refill it. If you are going to be outside of our home you should bring a water bottle and stop your dog to drink often.

Limit Exercise

When there is extreme heat you also need to limit the amount of exercise they get outside. You do need to take walks in order to keep them in general health, but consider different options when there are heat warnings. You could just shorten the time of your walk or break it up into two halves. Another option is to plan the walk for the very early morning or late evening.

Stay Close To Home

It is a good idea to stick close to your home in extreme heat no matter what you do. That way you can ask for help if a situation arises where you need it. If you go on a hiking trail it will be hard to get help. In fact, you can’t even take your vehicle to such a situation.

Consider Your Dog’s Health

When you’re making your decisions it’s important to think about the health of your dog. If it is very old you’ll need to take even more care. Older dogs require more hydration and rest, and may need to stay inside completely during extreme heat. Younger dogs can handle these changes more easily.

Check For Ticks

Beyond staying hydrated you also need to check for ticks. These are tiny insects that latch onto your dog’s skin and can carry diseases like Lyme’s disease. These are incredibly common in the warm weather and if you have a wooded area around your home. Search through your dog’s fur daily and remove the tick carefully with tweezers. If you find a deer tick you’ll need to get your dog evaluated at the vet.

Never Leave Your Dog Inside a Car

A silly mistake that many pet owners make is leaving their dog inside of a car. It doesn’t matter whether your windows are cracked or not. A car is like an oven that can quickly become over 100 degrees. This can create a lot of trouble for your beloved dog.

Use Common Sense

Above all, use your common sense in the summer. Take this advice and you’ll eliminate the chance that you’ll need to make an emergency stop at the vet. This will give you peace of mind and create a happier pet for you, and reduce some of the risks when dogs and heat are involved.